Year 11 Physics Excursion to Luna Park

Luna Park 2

On 25th May, the Year 11 Physics students and Mr Tham went to Luna Park for an enjoyable and insightful excursion. As they went from ride to ride, they were able to see the laws of motion being applied, and visualise the concepts they had learnt in class.

 A highlight of the day was the dodgem cars, when Mr Tham let loose. Accelerating with ambition, and knocking the students out of a state of inertia, Mr Tham put the Fast and Furious franchise to shame.

Overall, the excursion was not only a fun day out, but an educational experience that embodied Newton’s Laws of motion, and allowed the students to comprehend them when physically demonstrated.

Sabah Shekeb, Year 11

Luna Park 1

Luna Park 3