Our Story

Cerdon College is a Catholic school for girls, established by and educating in the tradition of the Marist Sisters.

Located in Merrylands, there are currently 1200 students enrolled in the school, who receive an education that equips them to take their place as citizens who are committed to continuing their personal education journey beyond their school years.


Cerdon College students are constantly challenged to achieve academic excellence in positive learning environments; personal faith development; a strong commitment to social justice and a preparedness to make a real difference as global citizens.



In all things Christ

The Cerdon motto reminds all members of the Cerdon community that it is Christ who gives meaning to our lives. Just as Christ was the centre of Mary’s life, so too should He be at the centre of our lives.




Aspire to great heights

As a school, we believe in and strive for:


a Christ-centred community, with special regard for Mary and her life as an example for young women


a quality education to prepare women to make their place in an ever-changing world


effective teaching and learning which respects the talents and needs of individuals, and challenges them to reach their full potential


a dynamic and diverse curriculum which extends beyond the classroom and encourages students to be responsible for their own learning


shared leadership and collaborative decision-making within the school community


the fostering of positive relationships in an atmosphere of care and respect for all people


the creation of, and active concern for, an appealing environment which is safe and conducive to learning


a community enriched through a sense of pride and belonging





Our Mission - Cerdon College Merrylands


We are committed to providing each student with a learning environment which is comprehensive, inclusive and challenging. We are a multicultural school which seeks to live out the values of Christ in a caring and supportive environment.

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A Marist Education - Cerdon College Merrylands


Cerdon College is a Marist School. We aim to lead our students to an awareness of what it means to be a Christian in the tradition of the Catholic community. The religious teaching and liturgical life of the school underpin the structure of the school curriculum.

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Cerdon College Merrylands Crest

Our School Crest

The school crest consists of a white shield on which is depicted an M representing the place of Mary in our lives. It is through Mary that we come to know Christ. Passing through the M on our badge is a single stalk of wheat representing Christ, the bread of life. The ears of the wheat are red, symbolic of the blood Christ shed to redeem us.



Our History

Cerdon College, named after the birthplace of the Marist Sisters in France, began in 1960 with 50 students and two classes. In the 21st Century, Cerdon College continues to develop in all students a passion for lifelong learning.

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1974 Cerdon College Merrylands




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