We Help Every Student Shine!

At Cerdon, we believe it is important for students to pursue interests to find what they are passionate about. We give them exposure to a range of exciting opportunities to unlock their creative potential, develop a talent or follow a passion.

We Help Every Student Shine!

Cerdon Catholic College Merrylands student using microscope inside school labs

Creative and Performing Arts

We encourage our students to explore their passions and talents. We have a range of opportunities available for students to participate in creative and performing arts activities and programs such as music, drama and dance.

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Creative and Performing Arts

Students from Cerdon College Merrylands putting on performance

School Sport

Sport is a valued part of a school’s curriculum. It contributes to the development of the whole child by providing opportunities for social, physical, emotional and moral learning. Participation, enjoyment and skill development are the cornerstones of school sport. Representative pathways are also available through the Parramatta Diocese Secondary Schools Sports Council.

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School Sport

Cerdon Catholic College Merrylands students playing soccer in school field

Social Justice

Our students are offered a wide variety of local community activities to help develop a sense of pride, respect and responsibility for themselves and others. This positive approach can be seen in how we interact and learn with one another, work collaboratively and take ownership of our behaviour, as well as active involvement in faith-based experiences.

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Social Justice

Students from Cerdon College Merrylands dressed in pink to raise awareness for breast cancer

Camps and Retreats

Camps and retreats can be wonderful opportunities for students to develop independence, grow in faith, form strong friendships and make life-long memories!

Extracurricular activities that may be offered at Cerdon include:

Cerdon Catholic College Merrylands students creating Sunsprint Solar Cars
Sunsprint Solar Cars
Cerdon College Merrylands students and dedicated teachers completing science experiment
Science and Engineering Challenge
Cerdon College Merrylands students debating different school
Debating and Public Speaking
Cerdon College Merrylands dance group
Dance Teams
Cerdon College Merrylands students raising money for Project Compassion
Social Justice Teams
Cerdon College Merrylands students playing chess
Chess Club
Cerdon College Merrylands African Dance Team
African Dance Team
Cerdon College Merrylands students reading in library
Book Club
Cerdon College Merrylands students in titration competition
Titration Competition
Cerdon College Merrylands students studying history
History Club
close up shot of Cerdon College Merrylands students programming
NCSS Challenge (programming)
Cerdon College Merrylands students in lego club

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