Cerdon is a great place for students to grow in faith and learning.

Led by caring staff committed to sharing the Catholic faith with students in partnership with families, our welcoming community supports students and staff to thrive. We value each student as an individual and share the values of the Gospel to help them discover hope within and to experience a meaningful and rewarding life.

Students in our school come from a variety of religious backgrounds and beliefs - a student will not feel out of place if they do not share the Catholic faith.

Cerdon Catholic College Merrylands students participate in mass

All Schools in the Diocese of Parramatta:

Celebrate being Catholic in identity and life
Share the Catholic faith with students in partnership with families
Build faith communities that support students and staff to flourish
Value each student as an individual
Share the values of the Gospel to help students grow in faith and learning
Are welcoming and just

Sharing our Catholic tradition

We ensure that students come to know Jesus Christ through the promotion of Catholic tradition and teaching. Faith experiences are woven throughout the life of the school and school values, and are realised within the Religious Education program, liturgy, prayer, reflection, religious symbolism, Feast Days and social justice activities to reach out to those most in need. Our school community prays the Angelus (traditional midday prayer) together each day. In partnership with our local parish, there are also many chances to attend Mass.

The school has a strong relationship with the local parish. This includes coming together for special celebrations and to support students to grow in faith.

Celebrating Our Faith

We place great importance on the contribution of visual and performing arts to the liturgical life of our school. Live music, singing, drama, symbols, visual art works and liturgical movement are incorporated into celebrations, providing meaningful and relevant faith experiences for young people.

Our Marist tradition

Celebrating Our Faith

Cerdon Catholic College Merrylands students and teachers in bright colours holding large badge


'Cerdon to Cerdon' pilgrimages to the village of Cerdon in France have taken place a number of times over the years. These pilgrimages are of immense significance for Cerdon College Merrylands as Cerdon village is where Jeanne-Marie Chavoin, along with Father Jean Claude Colin, founded the Marist Sisters and began the Society of Mary. Coutouvre, Jarnosse, Belley and Fourviere are also places of Marist significance, where pilgrims visit and pray.

The pilgrims are always in awe of Fourviere Cathedral and pray in the Chapel where, in 1816, Jeanne-Marie Chavoin, Jean-Claude Colin and Marcellin Champagnat also prayed and made a promise to go out and make the whole world Marist.

These pilgrimages are truly an experience of a lifetime for students and staff.


Individuals from Cerdon College Merrylands on a pilgrimage to Cerdon, France

Religious Education

Our specialist teachers share their faith and example with students, helping them to flourish as they develop specific knowledge, understanding, skills and strong values, with Christ as the centre.

More on RE in the Parramatta Diocese

Religious Education

Cerdon Catholic College Merrylands students on iPads

Social Justice Initiatives

Our students are offered a wide variety of local community activities to help develop a sense of pride, respect and responsibility for themselves and others. This positive approach can be seen in how we interact and learn with one another, work collaboratively and take ownership of our behaviour, as well as active involvement in faith-based experiences.

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Social Justice Initiatives

Cerdon Catholic College Merrylands students with rotary members

Our reconciliation strategy 

Schools in the Diocese of Parramatta are at the beginning of an important journey, endeavouring to make significant contributions to reconciliation within the community, locally and nationally.

Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese (CSPD) recently launched its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). We will be guided by the CSDP RAP as we work to embed practices that further support members of our learning community who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, engage meaningfully and respectfully with members of the local Aboriginal community, and make contributions to the national journey towards reconciliation.

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