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Congratulations to the Class of 2017 for their outstanding HSC results.

Three girls have been awarded a NSW Premier’s All-Rounders Award for achieving a Band 6 result (90+) in 10 or more units. We congratulate Annmaree, Celina and Thy on their achievement in the examinations and on this recognition of their hard work.

We also acknowledge Catherine who placed 2nd in the state in the PDHPE examination and Wenjing who placed 3rd in Legal Studies. Aida and Gloria also finished 3rd and 4th in Croatian Continuers course respectively and Carolina placed 4th in Italian Extension.

On the whole, 28 out of 36 subjects (or 78%) studied at the College scored above the state average.

As a cohort, the students achieved 140 Band 6 results at a rate of almost 14% of all examination attempts; and 85% of all HSC results were above Band 4 (70+). Most importantly, 55% of all HSC results achieved by the students of the College were a Band 5 or Band 6 result. 84.5% of all HSc results were a Band 4, 5 or 6.

Many students have already received offers of university places and scholarships based on their outstanding achievement in the HSC.

These stunning results are a product of a number of factors including students: consistently working hard and committing to producing their best work at all times; persisting in the face of challenges, and supporting one another (“if we all do well, we’ll all do well”) in class and in study groups.

As a result students have developed a number of valuable skills which are often not mentioned in discussions about the HSC and these include: setting goals and having the drive to achieve them; making good decisions based on real priorities; grit or resilience; the power of a growth mindset and learning how to learn from mistakes; taking calculated risks with their learning; working in collaboration with others; having a sense of curiosity and optimism that their behaviours matter and can make a difference.

In addition, the staff have been working on a number of strategies to support the students; a feature of our Action Plan has been the precision with which we have worked on implementing a number of key Numeracy (EMU, Computational Thinking and Problem Solving) and Literacy (Reading and Writing) strategies. This work will continue in the coming years as we refine these strategies and continue to watch the growth of the students.

The College acknowledges the hard work of both the students and their teachers in making this another successful year.


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Cerdon College Merrylands

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