Cerdon College Numeracy Evening

The Year 7 Numeracy Evening was held on Monday 18th February and proved to be a very informative night for the parents of those students who attended.

Mental computations and EMU (Extending Mathematical Understanding) games and strategies were demonstrated and explained to the parents. They experienced first hand playing many of our favourite EMU games.

The Mathematics staff and EMU Specialist teachers were on hand to assist and guide the parents as they played. Not only did they go home with a broader and deeper knowledge of numeracy and the College’s Numeracy program, but they also got to take home a show bag full of useful resources.

Cerdon College Numeracy Evening

The aim is for parents to work with their daughters at home as the more experiences students have with these activities, the greater their numerical growth will be.

Parents were able to meet and talk to the Mathematics teachers as well as Miss. Hanson, the Year 7 Coordinator and the Assistant Coordinator, Ms. Singleton.

A big thank you to the Year 8 helpers (Rashell S., Maylyn P., Emilie B., Monica B., Abuk A., Lorena L., Maria-Isabela C., Joelle A., Aluel J., Stacy-Lee D., Grace A., Reese B., Eman I., Chanel D., Chanel A., Eleena B. and Michelle R.) who ably assisted the teachers throughout the evening.

Grace Muscat (Maths Coordinator)
Anne-Maree McEwen (Numeracy Coordinator)


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